Casa de Estudios


Welcome to the new academic program of TRIMARCHI

Saturday, October 15, 9 a.m.
Auditorio Museo de Arte Contemporáneo MAR


The Knowledge Cavern LIGHTS UP LIKE NEVER BEFORE and has a new proposal. This year, we focus on Design Teaching. We wanted to create a program within TRImarchi for professors from All Latin America to converse and delve into the different areas of teaching, the diversity of methods and the ways each professor obtains new pedagogical systems.

This program is free for professors attending TRImarchi. Pre-enrollment at Limited availability!



09:00 a.m. – Accreditation and coffee


10:00 a.m. – Openning CASA de ESTUDIOS


10:15 a.m. – AULAS Program:

Marcela Romero
(Typography Masters Coordinator for UBA)


11:30 a.m. - Report:
San Spiga / Design Teaching, Europe


12:30 a.m. - ROUNDTABLE:
Marcela Romero (MT – FADU – UBA) – San Spiga (Learn by Doing) – Seba Desalvo (ODD) – Coco Cerrella (FADU – UBA) + Docentes Invitados



TMDG Casa de Estudios Director:
Adrián Candelmi (UM-UNRN-UFLO Comahue)


Ayelen Accareddu (TMDG)


(Limited availability, pre-enrollment)


Isotype: Casa de Estudios has the honor of being visually designed by Martin Azambuja.

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