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  • Penny Rimbaud

Penny Rimbaud

United Kingdom - In collaboration with British Council

Each movement has a parent.
In 1977, Penny Rimbaud created CRASS, the band that would provide anti-establishment grounds to punk music. We learnt the self-management skills that allowed us to start these events from him, through his local ambassadors: Patricia’s fairs, Nekro’s shows, Dekadencia G’s library, Tester and his HTM.
Everything reminded us of Penny at some point, and we applied that to our actions.
He would also found learning spaces, promoting values of environmentalism, self-management, animal rights and freedom of thought.
The DIY ethics and its emblematic supports: stencil and fanzine.
Penny Rimbaud’s visit to Argentina is historic; it transcends design and speaks of reflective action and the choices of those who guide their own life. We are honoured to be the platform, together with the British Council, for the meeting between this leading figure and a new generation of proactive and restless designers.


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