• Neil Harbisson & Moon Ribas

Neil Harbisson & Moon Ribas

United Kingdom / Spain - In collaboration with the British Council

Neil Harbisson
British cyborg artist and activist.
He’s was the first person in the world to be recognized as a cyborg by a government and the first to have an antenna implanted in his head.
Having been born with achromatopsia, Neil was only able to see black, white and gray, but he found a way to balance this with the antenna, which lets him listen to colours and even feel some invisible colours, like infrareds and ultraviolets. From there, he developed a synesthetic theory of colour and sound that we could not miss out here in TRImarchi.



Moon Ribas
ASpanish cyborg artist and activist.
She was recognized as a cyborg for having an on-line seismic implant in her arm which lets her feel earthquakes through vibrations, in real time and from any part of the world. She has an extrasensory connection with the earth.
She co-founded the Cyborg Foundation, an organization that specializes in helping humans become cyborgs and in advocating for cyborg rights and cyborg use in arts and science.
She’s an experimental choreographer, graduated from the Dartington College of Arts (England) and the Movement Research in SNDO.



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