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Laura Varsky

Argentine - Selected project

200 Years of Argentinean Monsters and Wonders

No doubt, Laura Varsky and Christian Montenegro are one of our favorite couples. Theirs is an ever expanding visual universe. An illustrator and a graphic designer with hyper-juicy award-winning undisputed careers. Grammy awards and Die Gestalten publications included. This great team works separately but every now and then gets together to make some magic. In this case, publishing magic. Both of them will be at TRImarchi, contributing their monstrosity to the event.

From the three stages from which it is created –literature, illustration and design–
200 YEARS OF ARGENTINEAN MONSTERS AND WONDERS builds a native mythology, an original Argentinean bestiary. It presents itself as a hybrid, mixed-breed and bestial manual; a graphical and literary creative act; a new symbolic reality that is self-defined and self-representing. An artistic event inspired, driven and intertwined with history and its documents. It’s not a tamed and docile book. It’s a monster book.

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