• Freddy Mamani
  • Freddy Mamani

Freddy Mamani


A little boy born amidst straw and adobe huts in the high Andean plateaus, forever a builder and an incurable worker, shows his face to the world as the new mentor of Neoandean architecture.

A small pencil and any piece of paper have been enough to project and capture the beautiful palaces of the city of El Alto. Earth, sand, concrete, pottery, plaster, multicolored paint, shovels and picks are part of his life.

Freddy Mamani Silvestre is the people’s architect who has managed, in just over 10 years, to transform the urban aesthetics of a city that was once the poorest one in Latin America.

For him, Tihuanacu is the origin and the essence of each of his works, which manage to communicate with other modern models of the world. His designs display an embrace between the past and the future. Today, the world looks at Bolivia in a different light: with amazement, admiration, passion and a desire to experience the beauty of El Alto, its people and its architecture.

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